Newberg Turbo Paper Group

Our Principals I

Newberg Division SP Newsprint Co.


 305 employees

 Two older newsmachines

 PM# 5 240 94% efficiency 4000fpm Beloit twinver + third

 PM# 6 305 91% efficiency 4500fpm Voith trinip

 Rebuilt De-Ink plant Voith Drum Pulper, Voith Flotation, wash float

 5 lines of TMP/RMP

 Wood waste Boiler with tub-grinder fuel manufacturing

 2-LM6000 Co Gen 45 MW units

 Water treatment, effluent treatment




1984-1994 MacMillan Bloedel Alberni Pulp and Paper div.

 Papermill Superintendent News, directory and LWC trials

 PM#3+4 Superintendent

 PM Stock Prep supervisor

 Kraft area superintendent




 BASc Mechanical Engineering UBC.

 BSc Honors Mathematics and Computer Science UBC






Craig Walker

President, Newberg Turbo Paper Group


1994-2005 Newberg papermill

 Mill Manager

 De-Ink Quality Improvement Project and Production Manager

 Papermill Superintendent

The Newberg mill, originally Smurfit Newsprint and since 1999, SP Newsprint, is a world class newsprint manufacturer known for its high paper machine efficiency and high productivity.

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